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Do You use Debit Cards for online Shopping ?? 

Today’s trend for online Shopping but so many peoples are not Serious about online Shopping by Debit cards. We get so many offers on online Shopping by debit cards but sometimes we can not understand is it safe or not. There are good discounts, there is the option of choosing from a wide range of products, there is the option to compare easily and then there is the convenience of getting the good delivered to you. But when you shop online how do you make the payment? By Debit cards ?? If your answer is ” Yes ” Then stop doing now.

We found two reasons to stop doing online Shopping By Debit Card

online Shopping

No one Reason stop doing online Shopping By Debit Card

It’s not your money that is available to you with a credit card. When you spend money using a credit card, you are spending your bank’s money although after you have made the purchase it becomes your liability and you have to pay, along with any fee or interest that the bank may charge you. This offers a sort of protection to you in case of the fraud.

Even if your credit card is compromised and used without your permission, it’s the responsibility of the bank to handle and avoid the fraud and not yours. If your card is misused, you can always explain to the bank that how it is a case of fraud and that you are not liable for it. In most cases, the banks will investigate the transactions and when they find that you are speaking the truth, will not charge you for the fraudulent transactions.

No Two Reason stop doing online Shopping By Debit Card

Both the debit card and credit card allow you to make purchases using e-transaction. But there is one big difference. The credit card has a limit on how much you can spend. The debit card doesn’t come with such a limit. If you have money in your bank account, you can spend that using debit card.

In other words, what this means is that if your debit card gets compromised — and you should always vary of online frauds because they do happen — you can potentially lose all the money you have in your bank account. In contrast, if your credit card gets compromised you will — at worst — lose all the credit that is available to you


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